3 of the Best Cleaning Machines and also Equipment in 2018

There are a lot of great new products coming to the market constantly, but it requires a lot to produce a great item.  There are always the actual gimmicks as well as fads, however the ideas that really make points cleaner, and so are robust are the type that everyone is seeking.
Here are 6 of our favourites for 2018:

1. The Intelligent Mop
Should you follow our own blog posts, you may have noticed there is a bit of a re-ocurring concept with this cleaner system. It really does combine the best of all the cleaning systems, and is also suprisingly almost completely overlooked in the cleaning industry. If there was an industry best kept solution, this might be that. Dont let the preliminary cost put you off, as these cleaner heads can last you a few years if you look after them.

2. 21 Feet Reach High Level Vacuum Kit
High level dusting is a big thing, and this kit makes vacuum-cleaning dust from height a lot more possible. There are a handful of stand-out features with this kit that we really like over other products:
It has so many attachments : it has angles for cleaning ledges (since shown under), pipes, partitions etc, there is almost nothing that cant attain or conform to.
It will match any Numatic equipment - this can be a real reward, and when we've demonstrated this machine, the actual Numatic VNP180 has been perfectly adequate to do the job. All you need to buy extra will be the Numatic 38mm hose making it work.
The tubes and also tools lock together so that they wont go away at elevation.

3. The IVO Strength Brush XL
This kind of machine is very simply amazing. It comes complete with all the kit tote shown above with a array of brushes etc. It has a 2 hour run time (2 hour recharge time), and is also suprisingly torquey. The smaller remember to brush is perfect for cleaning about posts, lavatory bowls, up safety floor coverings easy-clean edges and so much more, whilst the push board uncovers the possibilities of making use of it with a dark pad regarding stripping, green pad regarding scrubbing, or perhaps a melamine sponge mat. Teamed with the melamine sponge or cloth pad, this particular machine is mind-blowing; you can minimize through numerous years of dirt build-up about safety floors in seconds. Here's a simple video than it doing that on a recent demo:

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